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    2013-06-08 10:54  來源:世界經理人辦公伙伴

    【世界經理人辦公伙伴-訊】Name: Xiao yjbys Nationality: China

      The current residence: Baiyun District: Han nationality

      Household registration: Baiyun District body material: 168 cm 50 kg

      Marital status: single age: 25

      Job search intention and work experience

      The type of talent: ordinary job

      Job: administrative / logistic,

      Work experience: 1 job: no title

      Job type: full-time date available: at any time

      Salary: Negotiable hope work area: Guangzhou

      Work experience

      Company name: Guangdong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

      Start-stop date: 2012-09 ~ 2013-04

      Company nature: a wholly foreign owned industry: Electronics / semiconductor / integrated circuit

      Position: Assistant General Manager

      Job description: 1, the preparatory work, including the license office decoration, the management of a company, VI design follow-up, the management system of the company in writing, recruitment etc.;

      The 2 meeting of the company organization, write meeting minutes, according to the conference agreed matters to follow up the implementation situation;

      3 the project follow-up work, the relationship between the coordination of various departments and the board of directors and each department, master the operation conditions of the company and the project schedule, timely report to the board of directors;

      The 4 schedule of the general manager management, such as travel arrangements, the reimbursement of costs, important matters to remind.

      Education background

      University one is graduated from: Guangdong Medical College

      Degree: Bachelor

      Graduation date: 2013-07-01

      Major: Public Administration

      Ability to work and other specialty

      1, passed the university English four levels, six levels of tests, has good listening, say, read, write the ability.

      2, fluent in Mandarin and cantonese.

      3, through the national computer grade two examination, can skillfully use Office office software.

      Self assessment

      In university period, I pay attention to the cultivation of their abilities in different aspects, in efforts to learn professional courses at the same time, also participated in various activities of social practice, strive for all-round development. In the school practice and social practice, I accumulated some work experience; in the process of dealing with people, I cultivate a good team consciousness and the ability to fully integrate into the. Especially in the Dongguan disabled service team, let me develop the good team cooperation spirit and hard work, deeply understand no pain no gain the truth.【轉載務必注明:世界經理人辦公伙伴-www.ue042.com】

      評論 文章“總經理助理英文簡歷模板”