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    2013-06-08 10:41  來源:世界經理人辦公伙伴

    【世界經理人辦公伙伴-訊】Name: yjbys Mr. Nationality: China

      Current residence: Foshan China: Han

      Domicile: Foshan stature: 170 cm 50 kg

      Marital status: Single Age: 21

      Practical experience

      Company Name: Guangzhou Building, beginning and ending date :2013-02 ~ 2013-05

      Company nature: state-owned enterprises Industry: Hospitality / Tourism

      Positions: Waiter

      Job Description: as a waiter in the hotel, catering services responsible for the guests

      Educational Background

      Graduated: Guangdong University of Technology

      Highest Level of Education: Bachelor graduation date :2013 -06-01

      By Major: Metal Material Engineering

      Job search intention and work experience

      Talent Type: graduates

      Position: computer-aided design engineers, internal combustion / thermal power / heat treatment engineers, metallurgists / Spray / Metal Material:

      Job Type: All arrived to date: one month

      Salary requirements: Negotiable Desired Location: Foshan, Guangzhou

      Ability to work and other expertise

      Better in English reading ability, get cet-4 certificate

      Skilled use of word, excel and photoshop software, won the national college computer one, two certificates

      Familiar with using computer graphics software Atutocad, Solidworks

      Self introduction

      Im about to graduate, has been working to prepare the community to find out, in college, I have mastered the basic metal material relevant expertise university environment also gave me a lot of social practice opportunity for me to have a certain social understanding, but also because about to enter the community and feel a certain pressure, but under pressure from an early age to learn, grow, I have been ready to accept the challenge and make people believe that a certain pressure progress, the achievements of peoples life【轉載務必注明:世界經理人辦公伙伴-www.ue042.com】

      評論 文章“普通本科生畢業英文簡歷模板”