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    2013-06-08 10:37  來源:世界經理人辦公伙伴

    【世界經理人辦公伙伴-訊】Name: Liu YJBYS Nationality: China

      Current residence: Maoming China: Han

      Domicile: Maoming stature: 155 cm 40 kg

      Marital status: Single Age: 23

      Job search intention and work experience

      Personnel types: ordinary job

      Position: Foreign Trade / Specialist / Assistant, writer / writer:

      Work Experience: 2 Job Title: No Title

      Job Type: All Date Available: Anytime

      Salary requirements :3500 - 5000 hope that the working area: Maoming

      Educational Background

      Graduated: EG University

      Highest Level of Education: College

      Graduation date :2011 -12-01

      By Major: International Economy and Trade

      Language skills

      Foreign Languages: Fluent in English

      Other foreign languages: Spanish

      Mandarin level: the level of fine Cantonese: Excellent

      Work Experience

      Company Name: Garment Co., beginning and ending date :2011-02 ~ 2013-04

      Company Type: Private Industry: Apparel / Textile / Leather / Footwear

      Positions: foreign trade business

      Job Description: Responsible for product promotion and sales, maintenance and old customers, use ali international platform, the development of new e-mail customers, orders, production follow-up. Familiar fabric market, fabric production processes, garment production processes.

      Self introduction

      I am familiar with the basics of foreign trade. On the ability to control a good text had regular youth literature novels published books, written several screenplays micro. Treat serious and responsible work, good team spirit, have a certain ability to communicate. I hope you could give a chance to the development and effectiveness.【轉載務必注明:世界經理人辦公伙伴-www.ue042.com】

      評論 文章“外貿業務員英文簡歷模板”